ET103/2000 (1202)
Настраиваемая дистанция работы, активное подавление заднего фона, максимальная дистанция - 2000 мм
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Working Range
300 up to 2000 (3000) mm, ad­jus­ta­ble
ap­pr. 57 x 125 x 110 [mm] (W x H x D)
Protection Mode
Connection Mode
Plug and So­cket Con­nec­tion
Transmitting Light
LED 880 nm, in­vi­si­ble
Power Supply
24 VDC / 40 mA wi­thout electri­cal load
Signal Mode
bright- / dark-swit­ching, selec­ta­ble
Control Output
PNP- / NPN-Tran­sis­tor, Op­to­cou­pler (al­ter­na­tive­ly)
LED (Switch in­di­ca­tor); DIA­NA (Le­vel in­di­ca­tor)
Ambient Temperature
-25 .. +60 Cel­si­us de­gree
Special/Optional Features
Ac­tive back­ground re­s­pon­se sup­pres­si­on; Ti­me de­lay 0 up to 10s, swit­ching-on-off-de­lay, se­pa­ra­te­ly ad­jus­ta­ble; In­ter­fe­rence sup­pres­si­on by forced syn­chro­niza­t­i­on
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