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ELCIS' elastic helic couplings, made in a sole metallic piece (aluminium alloy, or other optional metal) having an helical groove, yeld both elasticity and twisting stiffness.
Break or wear points are thus eliminated, as no gymbal or other moving parts are involved; moreover, these joints do not (and never will) give any form of backlash, nor will ever require lubrication or maintenance.
The moment of inertia is very low, due to the extremely low size of the unit; very high speed as 20.000 r.p.m. may be reached in the standard version, higher values as option.
Even in those cases in which some angular misalignment exists, the outlet angular velocity will remain free by any jitter.
These joints are then to be considered a "must" in all those cases in wich absolute precision coupling is needed, as CNC Machine Tools, Servocontrols, Industrial Robots, radar equipment a.s.o.