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С тахогенератором


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This series of transducers has been designedly developed by ELCIS for those projects having the need of simultaneous information supplied by encoder and tacho generator. For this reason, an incremental encoder and a tacho generator are housed in a single unit.
Tacho generators manufacturer by primary firms may be installed on the encoder: tacho generator model and manufacturer are at customer's choose.
High reliability in a wide temperature range and high-frequency response are assured by use of LED light source (100000 hours minimun operating life), push-pull connection of detecting phototransistors, professional components, accurate design engineering, remarkable mechanical sturdiness thanks to all-metal construction, and several tests at high and low temperatures.
The number of pulses/rev. is from minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 3600 (in according to those available for each model).
Upon request it's possible to match a centrifugal relay to the tacho generator unit.